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The Springs of Clifton

The Springs of Clifton is an integrated health care program, integrating both conventional and alternative/complementary medicine. This program provides health care that nurtures the body, mind and spirit with the goal of promoting wellness and individual health. Complementary therapies support the maintenance of health and well-being and the process of healing.

Les Moore, ND MSOM, L.Ac., Naturopathic Doctor and Director of The Springs. He will offer acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy as well as hydrotherapy. Dr. Moore works closely with primary care physicians and specialists to ensure an integrated health care approach. Naturopathic Doctors treat each patient by taking into account individual physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental, social and other factors. Since total health also includes spiritual health, Naturopathic Doctors encourage individuals to pursue their personal spiritual development.

  • Acupuncture– The application of tiny needles to specific points on the body’s energy meridians (electrical pathways) to strengthen the immune system and promote the body’s own healing ability.
  • Chiropractic– A form of skeletal, mechanical treatment which correctly aligns the back and neck where misalignment is interfering with or damaging nerves, in order to heal injuries, treat pain, and restore or enhance range of motion.
  • Hydrotherapy WATER BATH– The use of water for recuperation, healing and health, based on water’s mechanical and/or thermal effects; used to tone up the body, stimulate digestion, circulation and the immune system and bring relief from pain.
  • Massage Therapy– The use of the hands to apply pressure and motion on the skin and underlying muscle of the recipient for the purpose of physical and psychological relaxation, improvement of circulation, relief of sore muscles and other therapeutic effects.
  • Naturopathy– Treats health conditions by utilizing the body’s natural ability to heal. It incorporates various alternative and complementary therapies, such as Homeopathy, Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong and Herbology. These are all offered based on the needs identified thru a holistic assessment of the patient.
  • Therapeutic Touch– A gentle therapy, assessing the energy field around a patient with the hands, to sense areas of energy alterations which may be indicative of illness or injury. Therapeutic Touch uses a variety of techniques to bring balance to the energy and thereby enhancing the body’s own healing capacity.
  • Holistic Nursing– Assists in designing a comprehensive health assessment and plan for wellness, provides information and help in utilizing a variety of therapies from western medicine as well as alternative and complementary therapies.

Who could benefit? People with chronic illness, facing life-threatening illness, wanting more information about alternative and complementary therapies. People who want to develop a holistic health plan and people interested in prevention of disease.

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