Generic Drugs Service

Nowaydays, there are many different generic drug distrubotors and services but not every single person knows details about generics and their effectiveness. Tooday, we will introduce to you our main partner and source of generics – We will provide you with some details about this distributors and its point of view about generics and why they are engaged in the sale exclusively.

Welcome our partnet – Secure Tabs

Secure Tabs is an online pharmaceutical company with a wide experience of online sale. It has been for a long period of time in the pharmaceutical business. It has already gained a trustworthy reputation and still cheers its customers up. Its online catalog is wide and is able to meet all the customers’ needs. You will get access to over 300 items online and make an order in several clicks.

The assortment is subdivided into drug categories which simplifies the searching procedure. It provides also an alphabetic search. Every customer has a free access to the online catalog.

The chief pharmacist of Secure Tabs given the answers to the main questions on generics.


Q: what are generic drugs?

A: Generics are medications that reproduce previously created drugs. They begin to be released when the patent on the branded drug ends up. Usually, this period is about 20 years (may vary depending on the country), then the development company is required to disclose a unique active ingredient formula. After this, preparations based on it can be produced by other manufacturers. Such copies contain the same active substance and are absorbed in the same way. If the manufacturer of the generics complies with all the rules, this medicine works just as efficiently.

Why are generics cheaper than brand-name drugs?

Generic manufacturers are saving on what the main expenses of the creators of the brand-name drugs are. The long process of finding the right active substance, thorough research on its effectiveness and safety has already been done by the development company. Due to low prices, copy preparations are becoming more popular. For example, in the USA they are found in 90% of prescriptions given by doctors. Inexpensive analogs are beneficial not only to ordinary consumers, but also to states: in 2018, generic medications helped the U.S. health system save $293 billion.

Why is it worth buying a generic?

The task of generics’ manufacturers is to produce medications more affordable for those who cannot afford the branded medications. They copy both the most complicated preparations for people with rare diseases and the popular medications from the pharmacy bestseller list. Low prices for generics are beneficial for both individual buyers and large purchasers – for example, organizations that provide patients with necessary medications as part of government programs. It is important to remember that generics are not fakes, because their manufacturers do not try to pass off their product as the brand-name. In particular, the creator of the generic cannot give it the name of the original drug: it either develops its brand or uses the international nonproprietary name (INN), which is assigned to a unique active substance and is recognized worldwide.

So, these are three main questions reflecting the main reasons why our partner is actively promoting generic medications. In addition, all the generics found in this online is produced by well-known pharmaceutical companies. Secure Tabs is not a manufacturer, but a distributor.